Our Values

Our values underpin everything within Octillion. In our business, we do not have a hierarchy of values. Each value is linked to the other and sit equally at the heart of what we do.


We accept that we don’t know it all. Humility in our business is an important value because it keeps us learning and growing, which is essential for us to make things better. Humility enables us to build relationships based on trust and mutual respect (two more of our values!). We believe that when we stay grounded - even as we achieve success - we remain open to adding greater value to every business we build. Adding value is the point of all of our endeavours.


We believe in constantly challenging ourselves to do better. Growing ourselves is not just an individual virtue – it's also vital for the success of our brands. Each of our team members is chosen for their attitude of growth so that together we can achieve great things. We believe that when embracing growth, we elevate our capabilities and reach new heights. We will always choose growth over stagnancy and potential over complacency.


At Octillion we believe deeply in freedom. Not only do we believe in the freedom to choose our own path, but we recognise that a big part of that freedom is tied to financial success. We aspire to be free - not just for ourselves but for all of our partners and fellow founders. We know freedom can be easily taken for granted. We also know that we live in the real world, where constraints do exist. That is why we do not confuse being free, with being real. That is why we never force anything on anyone and is why freedom is so vital to us.


We believe in an inclusive culture, and we strive to reflect that in all of our businesses. When everyone is welcome, valued and included, our brands can thrive. Inclusion is more than a checklist for us, we are acutely aware of the costs of exclusion, and we also recognise that inclusive business is good business. Ultimately, by creating an environment that welcomes different perspectives, we know that we can harness a wealth of knowledge and innovation, but we also know that it is simply doing the right thing.


We believe in being kinder to the planet. Knowing that the environment is changing faster than ever before and that natural resources are being depleted, is not enough. We understand that as a portfolio business, we can make a difference and that is why we put sustainability at the heart of what we do. We understand the scale of the challenge. We are ambitious and realistic. That is why we will start small and focus on transforming business bit by bit. With sustainability a core value, we aspire to leave the planet in a healthier place than when we found it.


Service is in everything we do. It does not matter if you are a fellow founder, a customer of one of our brands, a supplier to our business, or anyone else. We believe that when we are of service, we are demonstrating dependability, reliability and cultivating trust. Service says that we are here, because you are here, and we know that we can’t succeed by ourselves. It is through service that we self-motivate and enable higher levels of performance.


Doing great work is more than just for today, it is for posterity and the planet. Legacy is an important value for us at Octillion. We want to be measured by the positive impact we have on the sectors we transform long after we are gone. This includes our people legacy - from how we enabled freedom for the teams that are the lifeblood of our businesses, and our fellow founders, to how we meet our sustainability goals and deliver on our promises that impact people in our operation. It is also about honouring the legacy of those who helped us to get here.


Empathy is a great attribute, but we believe in empathy and action. At Octillion, it is no secret that compassion is highly prized. We recognise and emphasize compassion in the way we do business so that every team member, customer, or partner knows that we are a human-centred business. Compassion is a crucial component of any successful people-oriented enterprise.


We respect each other, and importantly we respect ourselves. Respect is the cornerstone of any relationship, whether it be with a colleague, friend, or loved one and we especially see it as key to successful and harmonious work as we face the challenges that will inevitably arise as we grow our brands. Both the ends and the means are important to us. Will not let our goals be destructive to our people. With respect, we thrive when things are going well, and we strengthen our resolve when we face challenges together.


Even with bold aims, we are a value-driven commercial enterprise. Therefore, results matter. We believe results take effort, good communication, resilience, discipline, focus and all of the values we have included here. To be successful, we set goals that are ambitious and realistic, then work diligently to achieve them. We believe deeply in striving for results. Being successful is not easy, but it is worth it.


Trust is the glue that holds relationships together. In our book, no success is achieved without trust. We believe in our team and trust them to do the right thing, all the time. Trust is more than just building rapport so that we can get what we want from relationships, it is how you are when you are alone. Trustworthiness encapsulates acceptance of others as they are, honesty, integrity, love, grace, and many of the values we embody. Trust is about taking responsibility, being courageously transparent even when it feels difficult and is the foundation of all our business engagements.