Search and Acquisition Focus

Octillion Capital Partners seeks acquisition opportunities in e-commerce businesses that generally meet the following criteria:

  • Fragmented, target growing industry
  • Growing niche in chosen area of operation
  • Repeat/recurring nature to service
  • 3 years or more of operation
  • 5000 or more real subscribers/followers across all social media platforms
  • 5000 or more mailing list
  • Enterprise value of $700k - $2m
  • EBIDTA of $300k - $1m+
  • 60,000 total traffic on the business’s website
  • Year-on-year sales of 4000 or more units
  • High profit margins (35% or more)
  • Owner seeking liquidity or exit through a quick sale
  • Business looking to divest its non-core business
  • Personal reasons - such as family planning/completion of higher education/time constraints/other opportunity