Welcome to Octillion

During the Gold Rush, an enterprising man was mining for gold and toiling for many months, until one day he quit with exhaustion. He got rid of all his equipment for scrap. The scrap collector who bought his equipment worked with an engineer before resuming digging. They struck gold just 3 feet later.
Today, Octillion are the engineers of opportunity, and we know how much work founders put into their brands. The gold rush era is gone but we are at a time in history where opportunities to grow profitable eCommerce brands has never been greater. Our growth engineers work with founders and take their brands from great to galactic. We have over a decade in the eCommerce sector and have developed unrivalled insights from the smartest minds in eCommerce and we are continually growing our talent pool of experienced business innovators to grow consumer brands to unrivalled success.

At Octillion, we unearth the gold in goods and do it as sustainably as we can, while making sure that our efforts and yields are inclusive. We work with consumer brand founders to give them the financial freedom they desire and grow inclusive businesses and products that are kinder to the planet. “We believe that doing the right thing fuels business value. Crucially that means more inclusive businesses and products that are kinder to the planet than ever before.”

How It Started

Octillion is a value-driven enterprise, led by business innovators who have unique experiences at the intersection of finance and commerce. Octillion was born from a desire to make a difference. Against the backdrop of rapid global change in the digital commerce space, our passion for growth intersected at a point of common purpose.
As a Black entrepreneur with a burning ambition to make an impact, I kept asking one simple question, “why aren't there more diversified brand products and initiatives that are fully inclusive of all people?” said Ayo.
“After graduating from CASS Business School with a Post Graduate Degree, Management, he then worked in a family office NPO division and then left to further pursue another MSc in Business Innovation & E-business from Birkbeck, University of London so that I could work on developing a solution.”

Passion meets purpose

Meanwhile, over a decade of honing his e-commerce expertise and scaling digital brands, Kunle Campbell was also perplexed by his own question.
"Being in nature is a big part of my life and my mental and physical wellbeing and, with time, I've been becoming much more conscious of our impact on the Earth. As someone who loves the planet and problem-solving, I couldn’t help but think about how we could be using eCommerce as a positive driver of environmental change.”
By combining our passions and capabilities we are sharing our knowledge and experience to help commerce founders nurture their businesses to their full potential while making sure that they are well remunerated - and contribute to its success.
Octillion is an ambitious company led by strong values. We will help our new brands tell their unique stories and move their voices from the margins to the centre.
We believe that business should be a force for good. We are striving to transform consumer brands to be more inclusive and ones that customers love. And we will do it in a way that is kinder to the planet so that our legacy is sustainable.